Xplore Sim Trucking

Day Trucks

Effeciancy and manuverability are the name of the game here.
These are the backbone of the daily grind.  Short runs, and able to get into very tight areas.

Long Haul

Long Haul trucks made for being on the road for days, or weeks at a time.  Less maneuverable than a day cab, but can get over the mountain passes with bigger loads.

Super Heavy

Also known as "Special Transports" these monsters are meant for the biggest, most extreme loads.  Not meant for grocery runs.

Truck Types

We run Highly manuverable day cabs, Long Haul and Super Heavy tractors.
Mods are welcome (except for MP events)

On the road to success

Official multiplayer is now available with "CONVOY".
We are currently running ATS Convoys on Monday nights.

Discord Link